Tina’s first trip to France (and Paris), 1996


Owner and photographer Tina Beynen’s love of taking photos dates back to her childhood, but she decided to make things official on October 17, 2003. This was a very special date, as it was the first anniversary of her father’s passing. She liked the idea – and knew he would too – of having something positive related to this date, so Joie de Vivre Photography was born.

Tina grew up in Poplar Hill, Ontario, which is a small village northwest of London, Ontario. She fell in love with “everything French” when introduced to the subject in elementary school, and had the chance to visit France for the first time in 1996. A fan of the great outdoors, the arts, and beautiful things both natural and man-made, the name “Joie de Vivre” was the perfect choice. Tina now lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where she is a PhD student in applied linguistics, researching language testing and assessment.

The types of photos you will see the most of in this blog are past and present photos of landscapes, flora and fauna, and architecture, locally, and wherever Tina’s travels take her. You can also see her photos on Facebook; however, the idea behind this blog is for her to share the stories behind the photos. This inspiration comes in part from her love of writing, and her favourite blog, Humans of New York. Photographer Brandon Stanton captures New Yorkers (and people from around the world) and provides captions and stories that give us glimpses into the subjects’ lives. It’s one of the nicest, most positive pages on the internet…check it out! And check out Tina’s Facebook page for news of upcoming events where she shows her work and sales/promotions on prints.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Tina’s prints or hiring her for freelance work (sorry, but she does not do weddings), you can see pricing information here:  PRICE LIST-January2018

All images by Tina Beynen (copyright Tina Beynen) unless otherwise noted.


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