Coldstream Conservation Area – Fall

I can count on one hand I think, the number of times I’ve missed Thanksgiving. My dad’s side of the family is huge; he was one of ten kids. Thanksgiving is our big, annual get together. It’s the one time of year that most of the family makes an effort to make the pilgrimage back to Strathroy where my grandpa still lives. However, I am unable to make the trip this year. As such, I’m feeling nostalgic for things that remind me of home.

I grew up in a small village between London and Strathroy called Poplar Hill. And just down the road is another village, Coldstream. This is home to the lovely Coldstream Conservation Area. I spent many hours exploring this area as a child during field trips from our nearby public school. As an adult, it provided an escape, and quiet place to think. It provided solace in the weeks following my dad’s death in 2002, the anniversary of which is a couple weeks away. It’s beautiful in all seasons, but here are some fall photos.













Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Enjoy time spent with loved ones this weekend.


All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.

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