Beating the summer heat

After a steamy, humid week, my thoughts are drifting to beaches and lakes to beat the heat. Chances are I won’t make it to the beach this weekend though, as it’s a holiday weekend in Ontario, and they will be ridiculously busy. I’m not a big crowd person; I prefer going when it’s a bit quieter and even better, is when I feel like I have the place to myself! These photos that I’ve dug out of my collection, some of them decades old, take me there.

Sunrise in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


One of my first major hiking experiences was a huge undertaking for a rookie hiker. Maybe if I’d known what I was getting myself into, I would have shied away. It was an incredible experience though, and I’m so glad I did it! I hiked all 60 km of the Pukaskwa Trail with my Uncle Joe and two of his canoeing buddies.


My Uncle Joe also took me on my first canoe trip. My favourite spot to go with him is Lake Temagami, but the views on Lake Panache sure didn’t disappoint!


One of my favourite spots in Algonquin.


Georgian Bay (near Owen Sound)


Misery Bay Provincial Park, Manitoulin Island


As you would expect, Australia has some stunning beaches. One of my favourite spots was Byron Bay. This beautiful, laid back spot is on the mainland’s easternmost point. There is a lovely coastal hike, part of which runs along the beach, and makes its way to a lighthouse. I remember walking along here, spotting dolphins on occasion – pretty idyllic! I also love listening to waves crashing on rocks.


More ocean…this time Mexico. You may recognize these from my trip last spring.



Rivière Trois Pistoles


Sometimes you gotta stop to smell the flowers, and to watch the sunsets. This was a beautiful, serene spot along scenic Route 138, Le Chemin du Roy


Santa Monica beach, as seen from the pier


All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


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