The mystery of black and white

What is it about photos shot in black and white? Images that would not be very interesting suddenly take on an air of mystery and sophistication! I don’t always think to shoot in black and white because I love colour. However, some objects and scenes just scream to be shot in black and white.

Right here in London, the old Court House


Just outside of London


Just down the road in Paris, Ontario


A little further down the road in Cambridge, Ontario



Here, the lack of colour adds to the calm and cool,
even though it is the middle of summer.
Rivière Trois-Pistoles, Québec


More Québec

Clear the other side of the country: Capilano Forest, BC. The mist ups the mystery factor!



…And somewhere in between. Rural Saskatchewan


This is one of my all-time favourite photos that I’ve ever taken, and the first photo I ever sold. It doesn’t get much more mysterious than this!


A cave in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


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