Beauty in every season: Spring Part 4

Sorry for the delay! I was at a conference all day Friday last week and then had to catch up on some work for an online course I’m taking. I didn’t get much response on the poll in my last post, but the one response was a negative for more tulips. So we’ll give those a break for now. I’m going to stay in the Ottawa-Gatineau area though, and share with you some photos from the two springs I spent up there (2014 and 2015).

Lots of trilliums in Gatineau Park




The new growth is so bright and lively!


Beauty is not in just what we see with our eyes, but through what we experience in all of our senses. They don’t call it “spring fever” for nothing…it’s great getting outside in the sun and fresh (warmer) air after a long winter. Here, the skating rink in front of Ottawa’s City Hall is replaced with picnic tables.


People enjoy the canal year-round, but the warm temps definitely bring people out of hibernation!




The Arboretum is also a great place for a walk, regardless of the season, but really comes alive in the spring.




This concludes our month-long tribute to the beauty of spring. (See also Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.) I hope you liked it! Feedback always welcome. We’re going to mix it up during the month of June, and then in July, I’m going to take you to some of my favourite places in Canada, in honour of our 150th anniversary.

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.

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