Music to my…eyes?

I love music. Who doesn’t? I’ve never had any talent for it though; I can’t read music or carry a tune (thought that doesn’t prevent me from belting out my favourite tunes in private!). It may seem strange, the idea of looking at an object (in this case, a musical instrument) primarily for its aesthetic value, but I like to think of it as finding beauty in unlikely places. I don’t seek out to take photos of instruments, but every now and again, one catches my eye and I snap a few shots. I remember being in a pub once listening to a live band. One of the musicians had an accordion. It looked like an antique and was painted in a style reminiscent of 50s and 60s diners if that makes any sense. I was obsessed! I approached the musician during one of the breaks to ask him if I could take some photos – like have a photo session with his accordion! Thankfully, he didn’t think me completely crazy, but was heading out of town so it never happened. However, here are a few other photos I’ve take of instruments.

What can I say…my favourite colour is red!


*swoon* I LOVE the saxophone! This pic will have to do until I can get a better one.



I love the creativity in the next two pictures! If it doesn’t negatively affect the quality of sound production, why not have some fun with the design?



Again…red. Snazy!


What random objects (not people) have you taken photos of based purely on the aesthetic value, or some quirk that caught your eye?

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


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