The City of Love

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I heart the City of Love!  Anyone who knows me well or who has followed the blog from the beginning will know my love of all-things French. Growing up I dreamed about going to Paris and finally got the chance in the spring of 1997. It was everything I’d imagined and more! I was able to go back two other times, but have not been in this millennium. Back then, before I got into photography more seriously, I had a Yashika point-and-shoot film camera. I had splurged around $300, which was a lot of money for me back then, but it was worth every penny. For a point-and-shoot, it took pretty good photos. However, I not only have a better camera now, but have also learned a lot more about photography. I think I should go back to Paris for a do-over!

La Basilique du Sacré Coeur


View of Sacré Coeur from Centre Pompidou


View of Eiffel Tower from Centre Pompidou


Pompidou Fountain


Place des Vosges



Pont Alexandre III


Musée D’Orsay & the Seine
If you’re a fan of Impressionist art like I am, THIS is the museum you want to go to. I was given the head’s up about this before my first trip to Paris, and made the decision to go here instead of the Louvre. I’m really glad I did! I did, however, go to the Louve my second time in Paris.


View of the Arc de Triomphe from La Défense


Outdoor art at La Défense


Opposite end…view down the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe


Sainte Chapelle


Cimetière Père-Lachaise
I unfortunately arrived here not too long before they closed so didn’t have much time to look around – and didn’t get to see Jim Morrison’s grave. Yet another excuse to return to Paris!



Next time we’ll continue touring around Paris to some museums and gardens.

This weekend is a holiday weekend in Ontario; Monday is Family Day. I was really excited when this was created – and not just because it meant another day off work! I don’t begrudge anyone celebrating romantic love, far from it. I’m just not a fan of the forced expectation of pulling out all the stops on one, specific day. I believe we should work at cherishing our relationships – all relationships, all the time. Occasionally this may mean a larger gesture, but more often than not, there are small things we can do more regularly to ensure we appreciate those we care about. I can’t think of anything better than celebrating family – blood and other. I am incredibly fortunate to have family, and friends who are like family, who love and support me in a number of ways. I hope you are as fortunate! Have fun celebrating (with) the ones you love this weekend!

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


4 thoughts on “The City of Love

  1. I love Paris and anything French too. I don’t mind going back to the same destination over and over again. Moments and photos are always different.


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