Singin’ the blues!

So apparently this past Monday was “Blue Monday,” the supposed most depressing day of the season. Although this is more myth than fact, a clever marketing ploy by the travel industry, some people legitimately struggle at this time of year. It may be post-holiday financial (or other) stress, or facing some not-ideal realities as we take stock and set goals for the coming year. Some really don’t like the cold weather, and I get that. I can handle the cold (within reason), but what really gets me is the lack of sun and wet/dampness. There’s nothing more depressing to me weather-wise than cold and rain. So although I had no issues this past Monday, I’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks since here in London it has been miserable (dull, grey and wet) for the most part – and there is more of the same coming for the foreseeable future. I would love to see more snow – it is the season after all! Don’t lynch me, I’m not talking a ton of the white stuff so that driving is hazardous, but it would sure look better than the brown and grey muck and slush. Either way, it sure would be nice to see more of the sun.

Here are some bright, sunny photos to cheer us all up.


Forks of the Thames, London, Ontario


Toronto skyline from Toronto Island


Port Carling (Muskoka)


Pukaskwa National Park, Lake Superior


Ottawa locks


New York’s Central Park



Spring in bloom on Western’s campus


Spring in bloom on Western’s campus


Fall in the Poconos


Coldstream Conservation Area


Coldstream Conservation Area (same bridge as above)


Skating on the Rideau Canal


Thames River – Gibbons Park, London, Ontario


Okay…I was a little sneaky! I’m not at full-blown desperation yet. There hasn’t been enough winter for me to be sick of it (although I am sick of the grey and rain). So I included sunny pics from all seasons. You have to admit – even if you don’t like the cold, aren’t the last few snowy photos pretty? And I purposely didn’t pull out the big guns, the tropical/beachy photos…they are on reserve! I’m not there just yet, but if you are, you can check out these past posts to get you through:

Dominican Republic – post 1 and post 2

 California – post 1 and post 2

Mexico – post 1, post 2 and post 3

Savannah – post 1, post 2 and post 3

Stay warm and keep smiling…winter can’t last forever! Or to quote a song from the soundtrack of my favourite movie, The Crow, “It Can’t Rain all the Time.”

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


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