Happy Birthday Joie de Vivre Photography Blog!

Well…belated birthday that is! I had it in my head that I started the blog last winter but low and behold, my first post was Nov. 21, 2015! But it’s never too late to celebrate, right?

To commemorate the first year of the blog, here are some of my favourite photos from last year’s postings (with links to the original posts). What were your favourite photos or posts? Are they included here?

Since it’s winter, I feel like I can post a few frosty photos without getting lynched! I actually love winter, getting bundled up on a crisp, sunny day and going for a walk or hike. Everything seems so beautiful and peaceful when covered in a fresh blanket of white. And hoar frost! Rarely do we get to see it but wow, what a treat! Original post


original post


If you spend any time walking along rivers or streams at this time of year, you may see some interesting ice formations. The photo on the left was taken years ago in the Coldstream Conservation Area. It was the first time I had seen anything like this and was fascinated! The photo on the right was taken along the Thames River here in London last winter. Original post (L); original post (R)

I was really fortunate in 2016 to do some travelling. My first trip was to Baltimore for a conference and to visit friends, and this city was a pleasant surprise. Original post


Next, one of my best friends got married in Mexico. What can I say…it was dreamy!
Original post


One of the activities we did in Mexico was go to Cocobongos in Playa del Carmen. I don’t even know how to describe this – and do it justice! It’s a nightclub, but also a cabaret show. Throughout the evening, you alternate between dancing to DJ music and watching great performances. At the end of each performance, paper cannons go off, making it feel like a huge celebration. It was so fun, full of energy! It was an absolutely epic night.
Original post


Next on the travel agenda was Savannah, Georgia, for another wedding. I greatly anticipated how beautiful it would be, and I was not disappointed. It oozes southern charm, just as you would expect. Original post


Original post


My last bit of “travel,” if you can call it that since it was only a few hours from home, was to Kingston, Ontario. Still, it was new for me and since I moved there for a month for work, I got to know it better than had I just been passing through as a tourist. This was another lovely surprise…I’ll be sure to return! Original post (next 2 photos)



The last few photos are from more local wanders. Although not from 2016, this first one is a much-loved photo from my first week in Ottawa. I moved there for a year in 2013/14 while I completed the course work for my MA degree. I absolutely loved my time in Ottawa and return as often as I can. You’ve seen some posts with Ottawa photos before, and you will definitely  be seeing more of Ottawa this year! Original post


This next photo is something quite common in my repertoire. I love flowers and colour, so whether I’m out enjoying nature or buy flowers for my home, I enjoy experimenting with plants and flowers. Original post


Case in point…I passed this sunflower field on my way to an event one day this past fall, and made a mental note to stop on my way home. It was perfect…that time of day in the evening before sunset when the light is golden. I must have spent half an hour or longer, taking photo after photo! Lots of close ups, as well as larger scale scenery shots. This one is my favourite though. Original post


And finally, this photo I like because these are the most unique mushrooms I have ever seen. And what really blew me away was that they were very close to home. My sister and I went for a hike Thanksgiving weekend near her house in Strathroy, and we saw so many unique mushrooms! I’ve done a lot of hiking in a lot of places, but this was a reminder that sometimes we take for granted the beauty to be found in our own back yards. Original post


Thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog. I would love to hear your feedback! Which photos or posts did you like the best in 2016, and why? What would you like to see more of in 2017 – do you have any suggestions for topics/themes? Feel free to comment here or message me privately at tinabeynen@gmail.com. Also, please email me if you are interested in purchasing a print of anything you have seen (or will see) on the blog for your own collection or a gift. I also offer gift certificates. PRICE LIST-January2016

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2017.


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