Oh Christmas Tree! Part 2

Here are more photos of my favourite tree and house decorations.

I love skating, and this ornament was given to me by a dear friend.


In my last post I mentioned decorating themes. I LOVE snowmen! I have a lot of snowmen tree ornaments and other decorations.





This I just think is pretty.


And this – love the detail.


Well, I haven’t finished putting up my tree yet, but here is a photo of my big tree all decked out. This makes me smile, but also a bit sad since I don’t have room for a big tree anymore. I’ll be making due with a smaller table-top tree this year.


In the end, this/these are lovely but it’s really about time spent with loved ones. I am extremely fortunate to have wonderful family and friends, and a comfortable, warm and safe home. I can enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone, for a variety of reasons. I hope you are able to enjoy time spent with loved ones in the coming days and weeks, regardless of how you do – or don’t – celebrate. And I hope you’ll join me in thinking about those less fortunate and dealing with personal struggles…at this time of year and always.

I’ll be taking a few weeks off from the blog to give us all the opportunity to relax and enjoy the festivities. Then, I have something really exciting to look forward to: a trip to Croatia! January is perhaps not ideal timing, but I’m going for a workshop related to the research I did for my Master’s degree. I can’t wait to explore a new part of the world I’ve not yet seen.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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