Serenity Now!

I met some lovely people at the “Better than the Mall” event last weekend including one woman who was looking at some of my photos of boats and water. She explained that she was looking for something soothing and serene. We talked about how crazy our day-to-day lives can be and how art can have a calming effect. I personally have had a few extremely busy weeks, and we have all been bombarded by the media circus surrounding the American presidential election – much of which has been filled with hate and negativity. It seems like the perfect time for some calm!

I love being outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping and canoeing. There’s not much more soothing than a quiet trail or glass-smooth lake. Here are some of my favourite photos of water reflections. I hope you find them calming and soothing :o)

The first 2 pictures are from my first-ever canoe trip. I went with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My aunt and uncle were involved with Scouting for many years and are pro-canoers. Like they canoed the Yukon River for their 25th anniversary and my uncle has done 2 Arctic trips level-pro. Needless to say it was a great induction into the world of canoeing!



The following group of photos are from my various camping trips in Algonquin Park.






The following photo is from a bike-ride exploring Ottawa during the first couple of weeks of living there in September, 2013.


This is from a day trip exploring Cambridge, Ontario.


And finally, a few fall photos. The first 2 are from the Coldstream Conservation Area, which is a few minutes from where I grew up. We spent a great deal of time here in Public School for class trips and cross-country running, and it became a wonderful retreat for me after my dad passed away in 2002. The first of the 2 photos was taken at that time, and the other a few weeks ago.



Gatineau Park


Gatineau Park is a good place to leave off, as I hope to spend some time there next weekend! This means that I will not be posting next week as I’m taking a few days off to head to Ottawa for a mini-vacation. See you in a couple of weeks.

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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