More magical mushrooms

Last week I shared with you some photos of mushrooms I’ve encountered while hiking (see that post here). Here are some more of my favourite photos, featuring even more texture and colour. It really is fascinating how many different kinds of mushrooms there are, many right in our own back yards!






These next 3 photos are amongst my favourites due to the pretty coral colour of these mushrooms. They remind me of conch shells! And I didn’t have to go somewhere exotic to see them. My sister and I found them on a local hiking trail Thanksgiving weekend (along with the ones below, and many from last week’s post).




I can’t get over the texture of the mushrooms in the next three photos! So delicate; like hair.




For those in the London, Ontario area, don’t forget about my first holiday event tomorrow! All the details for “Better than the Mall” at the Thorndale Community Centre are in this post here.

And to my fellow Canadians observing Remembrance Day, I join you in thanking our soldiers and veterans for their sacrifices that allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have…and too often take for granted. May we never forget – or repeat – the atrocities of the past. Cherish those you love and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you; life is short and beauty is fleeting.


All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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