Field of Sunflower Dreams

As I drove north of London last Sunday on my way to Bayfield and Volksfest, I passed a field of sunflowers. Anyone who knows me well and who has traveled with me knows that I stop for photo ops, like it or not! So of course I made a mental note to stop on my way home when I knew I would have time to explore. It was around dinner time, and the light at this time of day and this time of year was divine. It was a photographer’s dream, but also for me as a regular ‘ole person, a chance to stop and smell the flowers. I don’t know that sunflowers smell (I did not verify this), but how often do we get – or take – the chance to stop what we are doing spur-of-the-moment in order to take in the beauty around us? Not often enough! Although my motivation for stopping may be to take photos – I can’t help but to view the world through the lens of a camera, for better or worse – I enjoy the fringe benefits that feed my soul. I highly recommend it, regardless of your motivation! Life is short: make time to enjoy the small things.










Selfie! Not the easiest thing to do with a full-size camera.


All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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