Sweet Savannah – Part 3

I hope you’ve been enjoying the photos of beautiful Savannah! Today in the final installment (see Parts 1 and 2 here and here), I’m going to show you some of the parks and squares.

There is SO much green space in Savannah! Those of us not from that part of the world are enthralled by the mysterious, sweeping mossy trees. It turns out that moss stuff is really horrible, but it sure looks pretty to those of us not used to seeing it all the time!

I’ve already shown you this photo, but it’s perhaps my favourite of the whole trip. To me, this is quintessential Savannah.

This is Robert Emmet Park, renamed so in 1902 for the centennial of the death of the this Irish man, who was executed for treason after leading an unsuccessful uprising for Irish independence.


Even your average street corner in the historic district oozes charm!


Many of the squares feature historically significant tributes and monuments, like this one in Wright Square. It commemorates the founder and first president of Georgia’s first railroad, the Central Railroad and Banking Company.



Washington Square


Monterey Square…


…home to the monument erected in General Casimir Pulaski’s memory (this one is for my Polish friends!).


A lovely spot to spend a lazy afternoon, or check out a farmer’s market, is Forsyth Park.






 So, are you as charmed by Savannah as I was?

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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