Sweet Savannah – Part 1

I promised you Savannah photos! I’ve finally sifted through the obscene number of photos that I took and am going to share them with you in three parts. Today, we’re going to start where I started: down by the river.

The day I arrived in Savannah, I immediately set out to explore. I hadn’t planned on going down to the river, but was intrigued by these old staircases I found, and wondered where the cobblestone led to.


It lead to this…


and this!


Savannah oozes old-world charm, but the history really comes alive along the cobblestone-lined river front. I spent the remainder of my first day reading the historical plaques posted along the walkway, checking out the cute shops full of hand crafted souvenirs, and enjoying a great meal.

As an important shipping hub, Savannah has a strong naval history.




I took the opportunity to explore the riverfront from a different perspective by taking a riverboat cruise on Day 2.




CSS Georgia shipwreck


Savannah’s Waving Girl


My riverboat looked just like this, but a bit smaller.



I was smitten! My trip was off to a great start. The riverfront area is beautiful (and tip: a lovely place for a romantic stroll)! Next time we’ll take a look at some of old Savannah’s gorgeous architecture.

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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