A little sun and music…just what the doctor ordered!

I know I’m not the only one disheartened by the news of another terrorist attack on Thursday. Then, I woke up this morning to the horrible news from out west about little Taliya Marsman…quite the one-two punch. There has been a lot of sadness, hate and negativity in the news in the past weeks and months from both local and global sources…it can become overwhelming. I do not wish to diminish anything that has happened, but for sensitive souls like myself who take things like these to heart, we need to balance these unthinkable events with others that are positive and uplifting, for the sake of our sanity!

Music has always been a huge and positive influence in my life. I love how it can completely cheer me up, inspire and motivate. When life has kicked my behind, I turn to music and friends for comfort. So it’s not surprising that a local festival is the one thing I most look forward to  every year – well, second only to Christmas!

As I mentioned in my last post, Sunfest is a wonderful musical event held in London, Ontario every July, featuring music from all over Canada and the world, along with food and vendors. And it’s all free! The festival runs by the grace of its energetic creator, Executive & Artistic Director Alfredo Caxaj, an army of volunteers, donations and grants.

These aren’t necessarily the best quality of photos, but I hope that the essence of the music shines through.

Pierre Kwenders


BKO Quintet





Nils Fischer & Timbazo




Budiño Xperience


Fanfare Ciocarlia & Adrian Raso



A festival favourite, Five Alarm Funk



Nils Fischer & Timbazo


Sunfest introduced me to the genre of World Music, something I may not have found on my own being a bit of a rocker girl. It is so much fun though, especially for summer. I encourage you to check this out if you ever have the chance. And I hope that these photos in some small way put a smile on your face on a day when we’re struggling to come to terms with unspeakable acts of violence in the world.

I have quite an archive of Sunfest photos from past festivals, and will share more of these with you at some point…maybe on another day when our spirits need uplifting. Until then, hug the ones you love and be kind to one another. :o)


All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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