Sunfest & Savannah teasers

Hello! We’re fresh off of the Mexico series (see the 3 posts here, here and here) and today is the local wedding for friends and family who could not join us in Mexico.

I can’t wait to share Savannah photos with you from my trip a couple of weeks ago, but it’s also Sunfest! For anyone who likes music and culture, this really is like Christmas in July. Held in London’s Victoria Park the first weekend in July after Canada Day, it features music from all over the world, vendors, and food: a real feast for the senses. It draws tens of thousands of music fans from all over and it’s all free! The festival runs on donations and grants.

Here’s two teasers to hold you over until next week: one from Savannah and one from Sunfest 2010. Enjoy your weekend!

Quintessential Savannah!


The beautiful and talented Dobe Gnahore  during her performance in 2010.
(Sorry I haven’t figured out how to type accents on here).



All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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