Mexico, Part 1: Paradise Found!

Hola! I’m happy to report that my trip to Mexico was fabulous, and my friends’ wedding was beautiful. I wasn’t kidding when I said I would need time to sort though my photos…I took over 1600 in total! As such, I’ll be sharing some of them with you in a 3-part series.

This first part will include photos from around our resort, the Azul Fives by Karisma, located ust outside of Playa del Carmen. The bride and groom chose this “Gourmet Inclusive” resort largely due to the food, and this did not disappoint. This was not the cheapest all-inclusive vacation I have ever been on, but the fabulous food and 24/7 room service is something that sure was fun to experience. It was a nice treat, and stunning location for a wedding.








Definitely as close to paradise as I’ve ever been! The photos above were taken along the stretch of beach in front of, and to the left and right of our resort. Below, these lovely ladies spent their days walking up and down the beach selling their wares. A difficult way to make a living, but they were all smiles.


Let’s take a closer look around the resort. Here’s the front lobby.

The grounds were beautifully manicured as one would expect, but they are mindful of what is sustainable in their climate. In fact, Karisma takes sustainability very seriously, and I loved that this was a feature of where we stayed.




Below, this area is the “central hub” where many of the food and beverage options and shops are located. The enclosures you see are wooden pagodas that float over a Koi pond. You can request this outdoor seating when booking into the Thai restaurant. A close up of one of these tables is included below.


There were lots of quiet spots like this if you wanted to get out of the sun. I didn’t have time to grab a book and hop into one of the hammocks, but a friend and I did pose for photos one evening (and I almost fell out of one). They are more difficult to navigate than you think!


This was the view from my room. Not bad, eh? These pools meandered all over the resort, and in spots such as in the photo below, they ended in a central location with a swim-up bar.



Here’s a closer look at one of those wooden pagodas.


The resort is as beautiful at night as in the daytime.




I mentioned that the food was fantastic, so had to include at least one photo! This was my favourite lunch. I never grew weary of fresh guacamole!


I never opted for this, but how fun is the idea of breakfast tacos? This station was set up each morning outside of the main buffet restaurant.


Speaking of breakfast, we were treated to a bit of a show one morning when some Spider monkeys decided to join us for some breakfast!

This is mama:



And this is baby! Isn’t he/she adorable?



Mama and baby were eating fruit off the trees for breakfast.

Next time in Part 2, I’ll take you to Playa del Carmen.

 All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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