Goin Back to Cali…Part 2

Continuing on from my last post, there are a few other spots I got to see to during my California trip. The friend I stayed with lived in Oceanside. This is a quiet town in between LA and San Diego known in part for being the location for some of the scenes in Top Gun. Charlie’s house is still there, and now boasts a historical plaque.



I spent a weekend in LA, checking out Rodeo Drive, some of the fancy neighbourhoods, the Hollywood hills, the infamous Viper Room, and the Olvera market/street area. As the oldest street in the country, it has earned the title of the birthplace of America.



Since my friend had a car, we drove out into the desert and to Palm Springs one afternoon.



My last full day there, we spent the day touring around Venice Beach…




…and Santa Monica.









What an awesome, action-packed trip! This series started as a nod to Cinco de Mayo, and in the original post I mentioned that I hadn’t really been to Mexico, with the exception of a day trip to Tijuana that I did during the California holiday. Well, that’s about to change! I’m very excited to be heading to Mexico on Friday – Playa del Carmen to be exact. Good friends of mine are getting married, so we’re heading down for a week of sun, suds and sand.

That means good news and bad news. The bad news is that I’ll be taking a two-week hiatus from the blog. The good news is that I will hopefully have LOTS of fabulous pictures to share with you when I get back! See you in a couple of weeks, and for my Canadian readers, enjoy the Victoria Day holiday weekend.

All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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