Beauty in Every Season – Winter Part 4

I hope I have not alienated those who are not enamoured with winter like I am! If you will indulge me one last time (at least for now), there is one more post I would like to write about the beauty of winter. The caveat: I may regress if we get a nice snowfall that lasts long enough for me to get out and enjoy it! It has been frustrating that the little bits of snow we have gotten over the last few weeks has melted by the time the weekends rolled around, when I could get out and play.

As I mentioned in my recent Winterlude post, I lived in Ottawa for a year a couple of years ago. I loved that many Ottawa residents embraced the winter months, some even commuting to work by skating. I skated home from school a few times and enjoyed it as much as my bike rides along the canal.

Ottawa is truly beautiful in all seasons. You will see more photos from my time in Ottawa in the months to come, but here are some of my favourite photos from my winter in Ottawa (2014).

Decked out for the holidays!
Sparks Street


Byward Market


Gatineau’s tribute to Maurice “Rocket” Richard.


War Memorial


Centennial Park



I was so excited to skate on the canal for the first time! Scratch one off the bucket list.


Skating home from school.



No skate on the canal is complete without a stopping for a Beavertail! Below, my skating partner-in-crime Stephanie and I enjoy a sunny afternoon after class.
(Photo on the right taken by a kind passer-by.)

Dusk on Parliament Hill


Museum of Civilization


Parliament Hill


All images by me (except where noted); copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.


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