Beauty in Every Season – Winter, Part 1

So I think you have gathered by now that I actually like winter. Well, I like certain aspects of it. I’m not crazy; I don’t like it when it gets colder than -20 C, scraping ice off my car, or poor driving conditions. I do, however, love a fresh coat of snow, especially when the sun comes out. It’s so pretty and peaceful! And there’s nothing quite like being outside on a crisp, sunny winter day. You just need to bundle up appropriately…and have some hot chocolate (with Baileys) when you come back inside!

The next few postings will feature some of my favourite winter photos. First stop is Niagara Falls! If you have not seen it in the winter, it is worth the trip. The following photos are from a trip I made with a friend in February, 2013. One of the main reasons for the trip was to skate overlooking the falls. Unfortunately, it looks like TD’s Rink at the Brink has been discontinued:










All images by me; copyright Tina Beynen, 2016.




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